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BD Rice Cooker Silver Blk

  • $71.23

Multi-Function is the name of the game for the BLACK + DECKER All-In-One Cooking Pot. Preset functions give you options to cook rice, risotto, and pasta, and to slow cook, saut�, and keep food warm. A specially designed stirring function lets you create creamy, authentic risotto and does all the work for you. The nonstick pasta basket makes it easy to boil and drain pasta, or it can be used as a steaming basket for vegetables, fish, and more. Update your kitchen with the versatility and convenience of BLACK + DECKER. Six Preset Functions This multi-function appliance has presets for: rice, risotto, pasta, slow cook, saut�, and keep warm. Saut� Function One-pot cooking for soups, stews, and more! This stovetop feature lets you saut� proteins and vegetables or put the finishing touch on homemade sauces. Stirring Function Make creamy, authentic risotto without the hassle! The detachable stirring arm rotates during cooking for fast, consistent results. 20 Cups of Rice The large capacity cooking pot yields up to 20 cups of cooked rice for full, family-sized portions. Auto Keep Warm Once the rice is done cooking and ready to serve, the machine automatically switches to the Keep Warm? function for perfect rice every time. Pasta/Steam Basket Use the nonstick metal basket to quickly boil pasta or use it as a steaming basket for perfectly cooked veggies and proteins. Tempered Glass Lid with Steam Vent Keep an eye on food while it cooks without letting heat escape. Cool-Touch Handles The extended handles are easy to grab while wearing oven mitts. Dishwasher-Safe The removable cooking bowl, pasta/steaming basket, stirring arm, and glass lid, are all dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup. Accessories Included The included rice measure matches up with markings in the cooking bowl for the perfect rice-to-liquid ratio and perfectly fluffy rice without the guesswork. Plus, you get a dishwasher-safe serving spoon that?s safe to use on the nonstick cooking surface.