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 Shayonawholesale is one of the best wholesaler which one has wide variety of products in many categories including bath, body and wellness, entertainment and gift, general merchandise, office and school product, holiday, seasonal and party goods, fashion items.

 We are always bringing new and top seller every season changing . we have new arrival for easter and spring products now. We have more than 50,000 product that even you can't imaging and even more that in wholesale. Quality and Quantities which is differetiate us from others. we have special product that is special that sale more which is our top sellers. In our bulk line of products we offer some special products too, like health and wellness product, art and craft product , backpacks, beauty products, school and office products , fashion and accesseries.

We are often offering special sale, discount, coupon and free shipping. When you buying $499 and up , worth of product same time we are offering free shipping. Even more we have special flat rate.


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